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Summary of Thesis - Marketing management problems on local Marathi newspaper with special reference to Nashik city

Newspaper industry is closely related with every class of the society. That is why, newspapers are called opinion makers, powerful weapon of the democracy. Marketing management problems of local newspapers as well as regional newspapers can't be solved easily. Now, government permitted foreign investment in this industry. So, more problems will be created. Regional newspapers can stand in this cutthroat competition. But it is very difficult to survive for local newspapers, may be in Nashik or anywhere else in the country. Local newspapers must be survived because, they are only helping hand for local people, people from villages.

This kind of study, hence get importance in this context. This kind of study is (might be) undertaken for the first time in marathi newspaper's industry. Researcher is senior journalist working with reputed Daily Sakal. So, gathering the information from other newspapers was difficult & challenging job. But humble efforts are made to solve the problems. This subject have current utility but still it has remained unexplored. This study is very objective & well analysed. Whatever area has been covered & discussed in this study, is made with unbiased & unprejudice manner. Recommandations are based on existing positions. The conclusion & Suggesssions of the study, indicated the awareness of the need for giving a qualitative system of local marathi newspapers in Maharashtra.

1. Little Chance Of Survival

From the data collected & analysed, it can be concluded that there is a little chance of survival for local newspapers in future. Thirty out of Fifty i.e. 60% respondent readers strongly agreed that there is little chance of survival for local newspapers in Nashik, while 20% did not agree. Remaining readers unable to answer about it. Before ten years ago , leading local newspaper Gavkari's circulation was 70 thousand, now it is 30 to 45 thousand copies per day. Lokmat & Sakal, which are regional newspapers, started new schemes for readers & newspaper agents. This affected the survival of local newspapers. The quality of local newspapers is bad at many level than regional newspapers. It is also responsible for 'survival. Lokmat started ifs edition in Nashik before five years & achieved ';the circulation of one-lakh copies per day within one year. It means the readers of local newspapers diverted to this newspaper. After Lokmat, Sakal is having 60 thousand circulation per day, and is at second position. Sakal started to give six supplements in a week while Lokmat tied up with The Asian Age'. Due to qualitative newspapers like Sakal & Lokmat, many traditional readers of local newspapers turned to them. This is the opinion of the readers. Central Government recently allowed foreign print media to invest in India. If it happened then strong newspapers can offer their copy for 50 paisa or even free for certain penod. This competition, if reached in local market, then local newspaper will vanish from the market. To face this challenge, local newspapers should improve the quality, management must make healthy attitude & should make hard efforts, start new schemes immidietly.

2) Inferior Quality At All Level

Customers wants qualitative product at cheaper price. Quality of news papers includes, good lay out, fresh news, impressive printing, good quality of reporters & editors, quality of news print, news network. investigative reporting,immagination,vision etc. Fourty out of 50 respondent readers as well as 30 out of 50 respondent newspaper agents stated that quality of local newspapers is inferior at all level. While only 10 percent satisfied with the quality of local newspapers. 25 women readers out of 50, said that, they read regional news papers because their is special page for women. They expeted it from local newspapers. The managem.enl of regional newspapers like sakal never compromise with quality. Same is the case of Maharashtra Times & Loksatta, which are popular in Nasik Regional newspapers are using imported printing machinery, photo scanners, phnters, computers, newsphnt. This gives superior quality. While Local newspapers hardly use imported machinery. Their older machinery gives poor quality which affects circulation. Local newspapers should improve printing quality, make investment in imported machinery, should trained the personnel, give different & fresh news & layouts, should start qualitative columns for women and children which are Important readers.

3) Wrong Attitude Of The Management & Personnel

The progress of a person or an organisation depends upon it's attitude If the attitude is strong, goal is specified & efforts are made in that direction then success is achieved. The Management of local news papers still don't accept the fact, that there is great challenge by regional newspapers. Only 20 percent respondent subeditors agreed that there is a challenge, while 70 percent strongly disagreed, remaining 10 percent could not answer or avoided to answer. Same is the case of management & personnel. Above 60.5 percent management respondents disagreeed, while 15.5 percent respondents agreed & 20 percent did not comment. In case of newspapers agent respondents, 10 percent categorily mentioned that attitude of the management must changed, 30 percent replied in favour of management. It is fact that market share of local newspapers is reducing day to day. To change the situation, personnel & management of local newspapers should make attitude healthy, wrong concepts must be thrown out, should prepare perfect planning & work in that direction collectively.

Author Dr. Shelar, Balkrishna Ambadas

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